The summaries and essays that form the database are assembled in four files, chapter 2–5. In each file the summaries are organized under headings quite similar to the Keywords. In some cases the same summary appears under two headings.

It is recommended to use Search by Thesaurus or Advanced Search to ensure that all relevant summaries are identified.


History of W18, list of content, index, lists of papers and participants
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Material properties

Summaries on strength and stiffness of timber and wood-based materials
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Structural members and components

Summaries on the behaviour and load-carrying capacity of timber structures
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Summaries on properties of fasteners, connectors and glued joints
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Special Actions

Summaries on response to seismic actions and fire
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Describing the development of the major subjects of Eurocode 5

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The activities so far of CIB-W18 will from 2014 be continued in INTER (International Network on Timber Engineering Research), see http://holz.vaka.kit.edu/386.php.

The 3rd meeting of INTER will be held in Graz, Austria from 16th to 19th August 2016.
See/call for abstracts at http://holz.vaka.kit.edu/390.php