The purpose of this homepage is to document the basis for Eurocode 5 and to assist researchers and those responsible for the further development of Eurocode 5 to identify those of the about 1000 CIB-W18 papers which are relevant for the subject they are studying.

This is achieved by 

  • Giving Proceedings -  papers and discussions for each meeting since 1973 - see Proceedings 
  • Giving a Summary of each of those CIB-W18 papers which are believed still to be of relevance, in electronic form so they are searchable and organized under more detailed headings than in the proceedings. The summary usually consists of the introduction and the conclusion of the paper - see Search By Thesaurus or Advanced Search
  • Giving Essays which summarize the development within the major subjects of Eurocode 5. It is not aimed to mention all papers included, the essays focus on those that explain directly the present Eurocode provisions - see Review 

Acknowledgement: Hans Jørgen Larsen has carried out most of the work behind this homepage.
The work has been supported by Danish Nature Agency.


The activities so far of CIB-W18 will from 2014 be continued in INTER (International Network on Timber Engineering Research), see http://holz.vaka.kit.edu/386.php.

The 3rd meeting of INTER will be held in Graz, Austria from 16th to 19th August 2016.
See/call for abstracts at http://holz.vaka.kit.edu/390.php